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Exercise (best exercise types,good foods)

There are no other safe options to be physically fit but to do physical exercise. But first what is physical workout. Physical exercise is any bodily activity that increase or maintain physical fitness.

To be able to do physical workout you need healthy body, endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, etc… It helps ourselves to be healthier, and we should do this regularly to maintain or to improve our body and health. 

We provide you free exercise tips.(tips for making exercise)

How to start exercising and motivation.

When starting a new exercise plan, you may initially feel very motivated. This motivation to workout can be extremely beneficial in helping you get started on your new exercise plan. teak best food for fat loss.

However, being too eager in the beginning has the potential to lead to overdoing it, which can possibly cause physical injury. Plus, motivation can hard wen over time and it is important to not become quickly burned out by your exercise routine.

so you can do it something for motivation lest go its easy way exercise for man.

Analysis of health: analyse your self.

Be kind to yourself : cool down your mood and be happy.

Check your expectations: check your self what you don.

Some vitamins: use some vitamins for busting your mass.

Use fat burning foods: fat burning food is great source of vitamin.

Busting the biggest exercise excuse.

I’ am not able to do it.

I’am too tried.

I’ have no time for exercise.

I’am too Fat.

Exercise is too difficult and pain full.

Avoid this types of thinking, and be a power full man you know noting is impossible.

How much Exercise do you need?

For that reason, many smart exercisers combine different methods to get benefits from each. For example, they might lift weights one day and use exercise machines the next. Or they might do body weight and arm exercises one day and take a class that incorporates resistance bands on another day. 

Abs exercise,aerobic exercise, weight control workout,etc.

fist you have to do yoga steps (for intensity activities)there are some 10 types of exercise (yoga pose).

Tadasan (Mountain Pose):

To perform the sequence, start in Tadasana, with your hands together at your heart. Inhale and lift your arms overhead to Urdhva Hastasana, then exhale while lowering the arms down and fold your torso into Uttanasana. Then inhale, arch your torso into a slight backbend with the fingertips or palms pressed to the floor or blocks, and exhale while bringing your left foot back into a lunge.

And Inhale forward to Plank, then exhale and lower yourself into Chaturanga Dandasana. On an inhalation, arch your torso up as you straighten your arms into Upward Dog. Exhale back to Downward Dog; step the left foot forward on an inhalation into Lunge. 

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose):

The name Wrikshasana’ is comes from Sanskrit, in which `Vriksha’ means Tree and meaning of Asana is to seat, pose or posture. When this pose is performed effectively, it would seem that a tree. As it were, you stop like a tree in the last position of this stance.

The leg that you are remaining on resembles a trunk attached to the ground with arms and the other leg and the head go about as branches and clears out. So it is called Tree pose. This Pose has a place with the Inverted Balancing gathering of stances. It is a standout amongst the most troublesome, intriguing and powerful yoga postures this is a fat burn exercise pose.

Adho Mukho Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

The Downward-facing dog pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana) – directly from the Cat-cow pose, we should tuck our toes under, lifting our hips and straightening our legs. We can explore the pose by bringing the heels to the floor one at a time, coordinating our breath.

Notice if our mind wanders and bring it back to our breaths. Stay in the pose for between 8-15 breaths, staying aware of our sensations and how the experience constantly changes. Moment by moment and breath by breath, the posture will re-create itself. This yoga pose is good exercise of fitness.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose) looks like its name. You can see several triangles in the pose: Your hands and back foot are the points of one; your two feet are points of another; and your torso, arm, and front leg form the sides of yet another.

And Triangle is one of the first poses yoga students learn. Ideally you feel firmness in your legs, a lengthening of your spine, fullness in your chest, and freedom in your neck and shoulders. Trikonasana also increases the flexibility and strength of your legs and lower joints (ankles, knees, and hips,different types of exercise). 

 Kursiasana (Chair Pose):

Make this harder by doing this pose without the wall. This is called Chair Pose, or Utkatasana, in yoga. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, or a little closer together.

Sweep your arms up straight by your ears. Sit down slowly into your chair in the air. Make sure you can still see your toes in front of your knees. 

 Naukasana (Boat Pose):

Boat Pose can be performed in a few different ways — with knees bent, legs straight, or using the middle and index fingers to yogi toe-lock the big toes. Any way you choose to practice it, Boat Pose strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors, and spine, while also stimulating the kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands, and intestines. This pose also helps to relieve stress and improve digestion, range of motion.

as show in pic.

 Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Cobra is done multiple times per class in flow yoga as part of the vinyasa sequence of poses.

While a full cobra with straight arms offers a deeper backbend, you’ll build more back strength by doing low cobras in which you lift your chest without pressing into your hands. It’s also key to anchor your pelvis to the floor before you lift up.


Another pose in the same family is Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend). Begin seated, extending both legs out in front of you and flex the feet. Scoot your hips under your shoulders so that you are in a nice, tall V shape.

Hinging from the hip joints, gently fold the torso toward the thighs and grab onto the legs wherever is accessible (calves, ankles, toes). Try not to curve in to the spine too much, but think about reaching the heart toward the toes. Paschimottanasana not only calms the mind, it also massages the digestive organs and relieves digestive ailments like constipation.

 Child’s Pose:

The Child’s Pose is a yoga position that is especially beneficial for the back. To perform Child’s Pose, start on all fours, then stretch back, resting your bottom on your feet. Your arms should stay extended with your hands on the floor.

This creates a stretch in your lower back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, then return to your starting position. Repeat five times, greek yogurt.


Human pose estimation refers to the pose of the entire human body, and not a pose related to a single body part, such as a head pose, that can be used in various applications. While gait refers to a person’s manner of walking. Both these features have attracted researchers for Person Identification and Activity Recognition. 

15 Best exercise for all time or weight nutrition and diet.

1 Planks:

2 Bird Dogs:

3 Single Leg Toe Touches:

4 Reverse Lunges:

5 Box Squats:

6 Deadlifts:

7 Standing Shoulder Presses:

8 Glute Bridges:

9 Barbell Hip Thrusts:

10 Pull-Ups:

11 Seated Cable Rows:

12 Resistance Band Arm Rotations:

13 Cable Chest Press:

14 Farmer’s Carry:

15 Push-Ups:

How hard do i need to exercise?

This exercise is hard for me. It feels strained, like trying to speak in a second language you’ve only known for a few weeks. I need long spans of several seconds to even formulate an answer sometimes

what do I want right now?

where do I want to eat?

what do I want to do?

my weight gain what to do?

my weight loss what to do?

because my knee jerk response is “whatever, I don’t care!” And that’s the automatic response most of us settle for, but lately I’ve been challenging myself to actually answer. And its not always easy.I 

Getting started safely

Exercise. Regular body exercise helps you build and keep strong bones. This is why it’s important to begin an active lifestyle at a young age. However, it’s never too late to start exercising.

Ask your doctor for tips on how to exercise safely. Try to do a mix of strength training and weight-bearing exercises. Treatment for osteoporosis starts with changes to your diet and lifestyle.

You need to get enough calcium and vitamin D, Coconut oil,omega-3 fatty acids,green tea feel full this requirement . Your doctor will want you to increase your physical activity and blood sugar levels. This helps to strengthen your bones and increase your bone mass. Examples of weight-bearing exercises include walking, jogging, and climbing steps.

”health issues? get medical Clarence fast”

warm up.

drink plenty of water.

cool down.

Listen to your body.

How to make exercise a habit.

Start small and build your body momentum: start lower weight to higher its easy way for loss weight

make it automatic with your body stamina: what your body able.

reward yourself: be confident and see result give reward yourself.

choose new activity that make you feel happy and confident.

Set up yourself for success.

make a plane for exercising:

Let’s say a military parachutist is practicing to jump out of a plane. Here is the catch: the other parachutists licked the entire jump deck of the plane.

Why? To make the exercise more difficult. It smells like dried drool all over the plane. The sight of the parachutists licking the floor is pretty uncommon. If this sounds familiar to you; please invite me to yowl next birthday party. 

thanks i hope you like this post motivate your self to win the world.

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